Eclipse Ford/Pedders Ballarat 2017 Daryl Tunbridge/R4S Trial

June 24, 2017

BLCC’s recent commitments to local rally action have been huge with the Begonia last November, our ARC commitments for the Eureka Rally in March and our own Tunbridge Trial along with our Rallying for Steve Novice Trial. Three rallies in 6 months was not something that BLCC planned for last year. When applying in July to host this year’s Tunbridge, the Eureka Rally was several months from being confirmed in the Australian Rally Championship. While our club was delighted to assist with the running of a “local” ARC Round, we knew that our resources would be stretched for it and the Tunbridge nine weeks later. We did consider applying for the Tunbridge to be re-scheduled, but dismissed that due to the high risk of losing our grass-roots event...

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BLCC Autocross Round 4

June 24, 2017

Round 4 of the BLCC Autocross series took place on the 28th of May and aside from some rain, produced a fine day for racing. Paul Gladman directed the event while Bernie Gladman provided a wonderful Diner full of food to keep the hungry masses fed. The course was run backwards with the full track in use for the first time in what felt like ages with a nice chicane on the front straight to throw an extra challenge into the mix. Our in-field officials braved the rain and wind to keep the cones upright and thanks must be given to them with Martin Cassar, Wayne Holness, Barney Haddon and Michele Bayley all spending time on the infield along with Rudi Simonis who came along to help too...

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BLCC Khanacross Round 2

June 24, 2017

Rob Prosser has been involved in Motorsport for a while now and though it borders on sacrilege it could be said that Rob makes a Khanacross that’s as good as one of Richard Gay’s famed events. Full of fast tests that threw challenges at you no matter which way you attacked them, it was a testament to the work that went into planning the Khanacross and, as said before, you just couldn’t ask for a better day to race. With Damian Faulkner now free from running his Motorkhana that morning, he and Colin Faulkner took their Laser 4WD into the battle, unsurprisingly coming out as the fastest Laser in the event, while Rod Hall managed to beat Paul Gladman by a few milliseconds to take fastest non 4WD in the field...

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BLCC Motorkhana Round 2

June 24, 2017

On a very cold Sunday morning, a small but competitive field prepared for what turned into a challenging and fun day’s racing due to a Motorkhana and a Khanacross run on the same day. Yes it was cold early, but the sun was shining and no rain to be seen.

Documentation and Scrutineering got underway, the tests were set, timers were ready and the games began (sorry, serious competition commenced). Six tests were run, all in a forward direction (to the relief of the competitors) and the best attempt of 2 would count towards the results. The weather was fine with little wind (to the relief of the timers). Gears were meshed, clutches abused, handbrake cables stretched and tyres were shredded...

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Important information: Working with Children Checks

May 31, 2017

Important information: Working with Children Checks
Dear All CAMS Officials,

As some of you may be aware, the Victorian State Government has made amendments to the Working with Children Check Act 2005 that will come into effect on 1 August, 2017.

These changes will now require ALL Victorian Officials to obtain a Working with Children Check as part of their licence. These amendments are being made following a Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Information regarding the changes can be found here:

For those officials who already hold a valid check, details will need to be emailed to

The email should include:
– Your full nam...

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Mitta Mountain Rally VRC Round 2.

May 27, 2017

On Saturday May the 6th, round 2 of the Focus on Furniture and Bedding Victorian Rally Championship, was held in the township of Mitta Mitta. BLCC was well represented with Kate Meyer co-driving for Lindsey Wright in the Subaru WRX, Ross Stapleton /Peter Ellis in the Nissan 200 SX, Arron Secombe/Gavin Porthouse V8 Commodore and Conner McLeod with Paul Lahiff in the Toyota Altezza. Also Sean Payne/Arron Windus completing zero car duties.

Mitta Mountain Rally is well known for its tight twisting up and downhill stages. Stage 1-2 were exactly that , with lots of hair pin turns as we made our way around the mountains of Mitta and surrounds...

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2016 Results for CDC and AX/KX/MK Series

May 27, 2017

BLCC CDC 2016 Winners
1st Outright Glenn Latter
2nd Outright Ben Mckee
=3rd Outright Mick Goossens and Paul Gladman
1st Class A 0-1800 Standard Greg Cray
1st Class B 0ver 1800 Standard Paul Gladman
1st Class C 0-1800 Modified Andrew Bayley
1st Class L Ladies Kate Meyer
1st Class D 0ver 1800 Modified Sean Payne
1st Class F1 4WD Standard Les Noonan
1st Class F2 4WD Modified Ben Mckee
1st Class H CH Plated Reg Johnson
1st Class I Specials Glenn Latter
1st Class J1 Juniors 12 & 13 Years Sam Cassar
1st Class J2 Juniors 14 & 15 Years Brock Grinstead
1st Class J3 Juniors 16 & 17 Years Jake Gladman
BLCC 2016 Autocross Series Winners
1st Outright Ben Mckee
2nd Outright Paul Gladman
3rd Outright Les Noonan
1st Class A 0-1800 Standard Greg Cray
=2nd Class A 0-1800 S...
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The ‘Club Rule Decision Time’ – Inspection Of Proposed New Rules.

May 10, 2017

Please find below, PDF’s in relations to the rule changes.


Club Rule Decision Time



BLCC proposed new rules 10-05-17



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May 3, 2017

Urgent call for officials:  Daryl Tunbridge Trial and Steve Richards Memorial R4S Novice Trial

BLCC will be hosting Round 2 of the Victorian Club Rally Series on Saturday 20 May – a little over two weeks away.  Our “grass roots” event will be based at the Talbot Recreation Reserve and comprises 5 stages that will be run twice, once as a navigational challenge, then route charted.  But it requires 55 officials to spend that evening in the forest, including 29 Road Closures and 4 Passage Controls, as well as a Stage Commander, Start Control and Finish Control for each stage.  The organising team would also appreciate several hands with event preparation, eg admin; equipment distribution; forest setups.

We expect to have everyone packed up by 12:30am...

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Letter from CAMS CEO Eugene Arocca

March 25, 2017

Dear CAMS officials,
We have received a number of enquiries from concerned CAMS accredited officials seeking clarification of insurance, legal and related issues when CAMS licenced officials participate in non-CAMS events. To assist in understanding the consequences we wish to remind our officials of the following:

Insurance Coverage
CAMS provides extensive insurance cover for accredited officials, however it is important to note that this only applies when officiating at CAMS sanctioned events. CAMS Personal Accident and Liability insurance cover does not extend to non-CAMS events.

CAMS has provided insurance and legal protection for officials participating in CAMS sanctioned events for more than 60 years and has a strong track record of offering relevant and accurate legal advice as we...

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