Improving Rally Safety

Looks like Interesting times ahead for Grass Roots Rallying.
                                    Improving rally safety
Frontal head restraints (FHR) will become compulsory for competitors in multi club level and club level rally events from 2019 and 2020 respectively.
The changes follow the findings of the recent review into safety in rallying undertaken by the Australian Institute of Motor Sport Safety (AIMSS).
Frontal head restraints are designed to reduce injury by limiting forward head movement during periods of rapid deceleration. Common examples of these restraints include the HANS device and the Simpson ‘Hybrid’ harness style device.
The changes will come into effect for multi club level events from 1 January 2019 and club level events from 1 January 2020.
CAMS CEO Eugene Arocca said the changes were about improving safety for competitors at every level.
“The benefits of frontal head restraints have been proven in research undertaken throughout the world,” Arocca said.
“We have seen in Australia that these devices have unquestionably saved lives and reduced the seriousness of any injuries.
“There will be a small cost to competitors to fit this equipment in their vehicle, but ultimately there is no price you can put on your life or that of your co-driver.”
Frontal head restraints have been compulsory in National and State level rally events since 2015.
“We all know that motor sport is dangerous, but we have to do whatever we can to reduce the risks and ensure that competitors are using the best equipment to reduce the chances of suffering a serious injury or worse.”
CAMS has put together a FAQ on the introduction of frontal head restraints in lower level rally events, which is available to view here.
For more information
If you need to discuss these changes with someone at CAMS, please call the CAMS hotline
on 1300 883 959.

East to West Fundrasier

“The adventures of a baker, his best mate, a 1930 A Model Ford travelling 7443 km are across Australia to raise money for Cancer”                                                                           

”I’m sure you have been touched by cancer in one-way or another. I know I have. As has my mate Keith. Keith and I, we both love a good challenge and we’ve done all sorts of trips together in my beloved 1930 A Model Ford. So this time Keith and I crossed Australia from the eastern most point of the continent to the western most – Byron Bay to Shark Bay/Steep Point – right through the guts – in the old girl. It was a big and tough trip, likely our last big trip together. We had many flat tyres, we broke down, we were bogged, we slept by the side of the road. But we agreed at that start we wanted to make the trip worth it and to have the trip stand for something.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Join us for the WORLD PREMIERE of the documentary about the trip. See the thrills and spills of Tom and Keith’s adventure in the 1930 A Model Ford. Ticket sale proceeds go to the Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Tom O’Toole is the founder of the famous Beechworth Bakery chain, successful inspirational speaker and self-described kindergarten failure-turned-author. With a formidable sense of humor and an enthusiasm bordering on inspired frantic madness, he has spearheaded the rebirth of a dying country town by turning his bakery into a phenomenon of Australian small business, which continues to gather strength and speed.                                                      DIRECTORED & PRODUCED BY MRL MEDIA.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  THANK YOU TO RICHARD & PAULA NICHOLSON AND JOHN LEWIS FOR SUPPORTING THIS PROJECT 

Thanks you! Tickets available at




SUNDAY 15th JULY – with drinks at 12 for lunch at 1pm

A midyear event in a format for you to bring your partners, friends & family to the,

667 Warrigal Rd, Chadstone
(Free parking, easy access from Monash Freeway, adjacent to Holmesglen Station)

Antipasto with pre-lunch drinks, followed by an extensive buffet lunch with carvery, salads, hot buffet items, dessert, tea & coffee

$40.00 per person. Dress: Neat casual
Booking and paying early will ensure your place at the lunch!
Book for 1, 2 or more. Tables seat 10 people.
A booking and payment options form is attached for you to return via email, mail or SMS.

To confirm your booking, payment must be received by: FRIDAY 6TH JULY

David Hardy
m 0418 319 602

We have a Facebook Group titled “Light Car Club reunion lunch” Please join in and post any memories and photo’s you would like to share.

BLCC Autocross Round 2 CDC 1




On Sunday the 18th, round 2 of The BLCC Autocross series was run and won. It was also round 1 of the CDC. With a field of 26 cars, which completed 4 laps and the use of the water truck once. For the outrights, 1st was Um oh you all know Ben McKee, 2nd Outright was Damian Faulkner, 3rd I dunno if will ever slow this old bloke down Keith McElroy. 1st RWD and 4Th outright was Richard Gay in the Gemini. Class A (Shopping Trolley Class) which is now the biggest class in our series’ was won by Sam Rozitis in the Mitsubishi Mirage by a narrow margin to Paul Gladman, once a wheel swap and tightening of nuts. 3rd in class was Reg Johnson in the Nova. Class B Holden vs. Ford, seen Marty Cassar in Sam’s TX3 take the win over the grunty very sideways SS Holden Ute. Class C, the Nissan Pulsar of Paul Deakin was able to hold out the red rocket of Andrew Bayley. Class D the battle of the Skylines. Seen Paul Shaw knock off the family wagon of Zac Pendleton. Class F (4wd Standard) Seen the battle of Um Damian Faulkner in his TX3 Laser. Class F (4wd Mod) the battle of the titans with Ben McKee taking the win over Keith McElroy. Class H, Historic Plated vehicles, maybe this could be renamed just the Historic’s as these two guys have been around for a while. Borrowing Josh’s Gemini Richard Gay was able to hold out Chris Hall in the Zed. Class I seen Rocket Rod Hall in the Laser take the win ahead of Tim Kelynack followed by Dylan Simonis and Henk Dekker. J2 was won by Sam Cassar in the TX3 Laser ahead of Damien Pendleton steering his Nissan Gazelle. J3 showing a clean pair of heals and won by Josh Gay in the Gemini. 2nd in class was Nathan Rozitis. I would like to thank the officials that made the event a huge success and done and dusted by 2:30pm. Wayne Holness (infield and water truck steerer) Rod Hall (time keeping) Michele Bayley (book in and infield) Chris Hall (scrutineering) Roy Parkinson (Steward) Melissa McKee and Bernie Gladman (Catering) Darren Wythe, Ben McKee, Jake and Drew Gladman (Timing) Reg Johnson (Start line). The competitors for filling in the gaps on the infield. A great event had by all and appreciated the early finish with the month of February being so packed with heaps on and around the club.

Thanks Again

Arron Harry Secombe.