VCAS Report

Victorian Club Autocross Series (VCAS) – Saturday May 18

BLCC hosted 60 competitors for Round 3 of the Victorian Club Autocross Series (VCAS) for a day/night, road tyres only event.  Weather was clear throughout with 20oC for the 2pm start and 7oC and full moon till the last of six runs at 8:40pm.

Sam Rozitis and his team did a great job in preparing the track after the deluge 8 days prior, then getting the water trucks ready for action … after finding jumper leads.

Competition soon swept the surface crust away to a fine sand, which resulted in low grip and mostly light dust for the first two runs.  Several starts were delayed after exuberant runs, until the two water trucks were brought on to clear the air and improve all competitor times by several seconds for the remaining runs.

Subaru all-wheel drivers claimed the top 13 outright placings.  Perhaps that might provide a sponsorship opportunity for next year’s event or Series … or maybe a rule change?

Arron Windus (Kyneton Car Club) and Murray Mackenzie (Bendigo Car Club) battled it out for 1st outright, with Murray hitting a hat on his final run, with an otherwise winning time.  Our Ben McKee was 3rd with three strong runs, before rolling a tyre off a rim on his last run.

BLCC skills (and home track advantage) saw four of our 14 competitors finish in the top-10 outright and another three in the top-20:

3rd – Ben McKee (Subaru Liberty)

5th – Stacy Elson (Subaru WRX)

6th – Darren Windus (Subaru WRX)

8th – Paul Gladman (Subaru WRX, ex Keith McElroy)

12th – Darren Watkins (Subaru WRX)

13th – Tom Werner (Subaru WRX)

17th – Paul Shaw (Nissan Skyline)


Full results are on the BLCC and VCAS web sites.

CAMS Steward Lynn Cuttle and many competitors were complimentary about the track and the efficiency of our team, eg; the two water trucks were novel for at least two visitors, given each watering took only 10 minutes; others noticed that three cars were normally on the track, so particular credit to our timekeeping and start-line teams.

Bernie Gladman, Melissa McKee and their Duster Diner crew (Paige, Jake and Drew) once again coped brilliantly with the large crowd throughout the day.

22 officials signed on for at least part of the event. Particular thanks also to:

Secretary:           Michele Bayley

Scrutineers:        Darren Wythe (Chief, and now Rally accredited), Ben McKee, Noel Peers, Paul Duncalf and team

Timekeepers:    Rod Hall (Chief), Ben McKee, Drew Gladman, Ambrose Haddon

Track setup and infield Marshalls:             Sam and Nathan Rozitis, Reg Johnson, Andrew Bayley, Rob and Gareth Prosser, Ken Rowland, Damian Quirk, Damien Murley.

Stewards:            Lynn Cuttle and Barney Haddon

VCAS Round 4 will be held at Swan Hill’s two-lane track on 1-2 June.  You can enter for either day, but if you’re chasing Series points you will need four runs on each day.

Your next opportunity for BLCC autocross will be 7 September.

Terry Brain

Clerk of Course


Pictures by John Tonks.


Mt Leura Hillclimb

23rd – 24th March

In a rare turn of events, the BLCC’s Mt Leura hillclimb ran faultlessly, aside from one or two timing bugs. Saturday morning was the usual calmed rush of set-up which saw the officials enjoying a rare picnic lunch alongside the start-line, once the set-up was finished we let the drivers loose for the first two runs on the hill with all drivers getting up the hill with little trouble.

Saturday night saw another busy night in Camperdown, as is always the tradition, with the key officials group not getting back until late, where some of them found that the lights in the toilets at the showgrounds had blown, though if that was the worst thing to happen, then we had a real good weekend.

Sunday saw another fine day, with the usual wet-weather surprise being absent, some cars had mechanical issues from the Saturday and didn’t front on Sunday, while most of the drivers chose to only compete on the Sunday itself.

Ararat Car Club fronted with a larger-than-usual brigade of high-power sedans that seem to now be the norm for the traveling members of the group and the other major group seemed to be the Group N cars, with a neat Hillman Imp, with a few other Group N drivers attending too, saying that they were starting to get addicted to Hill climbing, one can only hope that some more turn up for our Round 7 in September!

The day wound down nicely, with an ever dwindling field of cars taking their last few runs up the hill, with the recovery unit staying in place and only one or two incidents and a swift pack-up saw the officials and volunteers home in good time too.

Thanks to: Terry Brain, Barney Haddon, Wayne Holness, Rod Hall, Wayne Drew, Ross Barnett, Michele, Bruce and Andrew Bayley, David Jowett and Friends, Paul and Drew Gladman, Damian Quirk, Chris Hall, Leslie, Scott Ball, Chris and Cheryl Harwood and the Ararat crew and the Camperdown P&A Society, Also to Noel Peers and Sam Rozitis, who were just two of the many people back in Ballarat running the water trucks for the Off-Road Rush.