Looks like Interesting times ahead for Grass Roots Rallying.
                                    Improving rally safety
Frontal head restraints (FHR) will become compulsory for competitors in multi club level and club level rally events from 2019 and 2020 respectively.
The changes follow the findings of the recent review into safety in rallying undertaken by the Australian Institute of Motor Sport Safety (AIMSS).
Frontal head restraints are designed to reduce injury by limiting forward head movement during periods of rapid deceleration. Common examples of these restraints include the HANS device and the Simpson ‘Hybrid’ harness style device.
The changes will come into effect for multi club level events from 1 January 2019 and club level events from 1 January 2020.
CAMS CEO Eugene Arocca said the changes were about improving safety for competitors at every level.
“The benefits of frontal head restraints have been proven in research undertaken throughout the world,” Arocca said.
“We have seen in Australia that these devices have unquestionably saved lives and reduced the seriousness of any injuries.
“There will be a small cost to competitors to fit this equipment in their vehicle, but ultimately there is no price you can put on your life or that of your co-driver.”
Frontal head restraints have been compulsory in National and State level rally events since 2015.
“We all know that motor sport is dangerous, but we have to do whatever we can to reduce the risks and ensure that competitors are using the best equipment to reduce the chances of suffering a serious injury or worse.”
CAMS has put together a FAQ on the introduction of frontal head restraints in lower level rally events, which is available to view here.
For more information
If you need to discuss these changes with someone at CAMS, please call the CAMS hotline
on 1300 883 959.

2018 The Courier Eureka Rally Officials Thank You.

A week has now passed since a hectic last weekend.

Thank you for your valuable contribution to what we can now say has been another successful ARC Eureka Rally.  Competitors seemed to be only very positive in their feedback about the selected course and the event organisation.

Unfortunately we had to send in the Medical Intervention Vehicles on both days.  The crew of Car 14, Ben Kittle and Caroline Vale from Alice Springs were both discharged from hospital on Sunday with no serious injuries, just bruising.  The co-driver of car 10, Mike Dale was discharged on Sunday with no serious injuries, just bruising.  The driver Gary Brown, after being flown to Melbourne, was discharged on Monday with fractured ribs.

We did have a breach of stage security on Saturday, when a member of the public camped inside the course, disobeyed directions to either leave immediately or stay put for the day, and thought they could sneak away after a while.  Fortunately they did not collide with a rally car. There will be no option next time.

Apologies for the dust out there, but the mild March Ballarat weather was kind to us and did the make the weekend overall more enjoyable for all. We look forward to your continued assistance as we begin planning for another Eureka Rally in 2019.

2018 The Courier Eureka Rally Organising Committee

(Andrew Roseman, Ross Runnalls, Arron Secombe, Scott Spedding, Geoff Boyd, Ian Ellis, Chris Hall, Ben McKee, David McKenzie, James Nixon, Katie Philips, Chris Stevens)