BLCC 70th Anniversary

BLCC brings traffic back into the Bridge Mall!

Saturday 19th October 2019

Cruising down to the Bridge Mall, to be one of the few lots of cars allowed inside the shopping mall these days, we had expected a decent amount of cars to rock up to the car show, but even so, 30 minutes before the set-up was supposed to start and we already had six cars parked in the mall. With Paul Gladman and Trevor Ryan organising the day, we had a range of Autocross, Hillclimb and show cars front up, with the marvellous spectacle of Grinstead’s VL being offloaded, drawing out every shop owner checking out the noisy V8 idling away on the trailer!

Ross Barnett, David Jowett and Jake Gladman walked the cars in while everyone else hung around up top and fielded questions from the public.

Once 10am rolled around and all the cars were in, cafes around the Mall must have reported a surge in
business as scores of Club members soon emerged with coffees in hand. A couple of buskers and some nice sunshine in between moments of cloud produced a nice atmosphere and crowds of people came up to see the display while everyone headed off for lunch.

Once the morning was over, Barney sent a smaller field off on a club run, where many found new directions that weren’t listed on the road map and tired but happy, a large group fronted for a night out at the clubrooms, where John Emery conducted a hour of speeches on the history of the BLCC and the world of motorsport around the club. Now very tired, scores of people headed home to get ready for the Autocross the next day.
A. Bayley