BLCC Motorkhana Round 2

June 24, 2017

On a very cold Sunday morning, a small but competitive field prepared for what turned into a challenging and fun day’s racing due to a Motorkhana and a Khanacross run on the same day. Yes it was cold early, but the sun was shining and no rain to be seen.

Documentation and Scrutineering got underway, the tests were set, timers were ready and the games began (sorry, serious competition commenced). Six tests were run, all in a forward direction (to the relief of the competitors) and the best attempt of 2 would count towards the results. The weather was fine with little wind (to the relief of the timers). Gears were meshed, clutches abused, handbrake cables stretched and tyres were shredded. A smaller than usual field meant we were finished in good time with more than half of the field winning their class. Outright results were: Ben McKee – 1 st, (consistent and fast as always), Keith McElroy – 2 ND (drive of the day), and Paul Gladman – 3 rd (waving the Ford flag). Full results printed elsewhere. After a quick pack-up, we had lunch and prepared for the Khanacross. I’d like to thank my helpers on the day: Documentation: Michele Bayley, Scruniteers: Ben McKee & Darren Wythe, Timers: Jan & Colin Faulkner & Wayne Holness, Scorer: Rod Hall and Catering: Regina Wilson, Hannah Keddie and Martin Cassar.

Thank you all.

Also thanks to Rob Prosser who helped with the setup of the Motorkhana tests and for running a ripper Khanacross in the afternoon.

Damian Faulkner.