BLCC Khanacross Round 2

June 24, 2017

Rob Prosser has been involved in Motorsport for a while now and though it borders on sacrilege it could be said that Rob makes a Khanacross that’s as good as one of Richard Gay’s famed events. Full of fast tests that threw challenges at you no matter which way you attacked them, it was a testament to the work that went into planning the Khanacross and, as said before, you just couldn’t ask for a better day to race. With Damian Faulkner now free from running his Motorkhana that morning, he and Colin Faulkner took their Laser 4WD into the battle, unsurprisingly coming out as the fastest Laser in the event, while Rod Hall managed to beat Paul Gladman by a few milliseconds to take fastest non 4WD in the field. Paul Shaw bought out his beautiful Skyline and spent most of the afternoon sideways, easily beating Andrew Bayley in his little Corolla who was the only other RWD car in the field, with Andrew once again sharing another horror story about a misadventure with his Corolla that saw his Tacho fail the Friday before the event. Reece Prosser joined Jan Faulkner and Wayne Holness in timing the tests, offering some advice for his test that suggested that he’d been practicing the tests in father Rob’s Celica. Towards the end of the event the Red Pulsar of Damian and Brayden Quirk disappeared, dropping Brayden from the J2/J3 results that Oakley Haddon, Sam Cassar and Jake and Drew Gladman were fighting over and while Jake eventually ran away with a J3 win and Oakley close behind in the “Factory Entered” Pulsar to win the J2 class. With such a diverse field it was with little surprise that Ben McKee held his lead over Stacy Elson in the WRX with Damian Faulkner coming third overall. And so an excellent day wound down, a perfect set of events only marred by the loss of the Quirks Pulsar, with the little Red Nissan retiring from the Khanacross with fuel system issues. The evening soon became cold and dark and everyone soon headed home for a well-earned rest.

Thank-you to all the officials and organizers involved.