A Final Farewell For John Strech.

July 28, 2017

John Crawford Strech: An unusual farewell Your help is requested. Sometimes the Car Club is the only family we have. This is obviously the case with John Strech. John was a keen rally driver and member of the Ballarat Branch of the Light Car Club of Australia. John was born on 6th May 1927 and was killed in a road traffic collision on 7th August 1977. He had no immediate family and his ashes have lain unclaimed at FW Barnes and Son for the last 41 years! A friend of his, Ian Jetsom, has discovered this fact, and traced a relative in WA who has authorised the release of his ashes. Ian is organising a convoy from FW Barnes and Son at 9:30 am Wed 2nd of August to Naringal Homestead (about 6Km South of Cape Clear). Here his ashes will be scattered at a private cemetery where his mother and father lie. Our role, as his only family, is to get a group of H plated or interesting other cars to be part of the convoy. Refreshments will be available after the trip. This is a good thing to do. For the purposes of organisation and catering numbers, please let Ian Jetsom know you can take part. Please contact him as follows: 0417 374 187 or jetsom101010@gmail.com