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Supp Regs Mt Leura BLCC 2019

This event can also be entered via the CAMS Event Entry System that is available on the CAMS website

This event is RD 2 of the BLCC’s 2019 CDC.

BLCC AUTOCROSS SERIES RD 2 including Come & Try Session followed by Training Session.

To be part of the Come and Try you dont need to be a member of any car club. A $25 Come and Try Licence from CAMS which will be available on the day is all thats required But you must contact Darren Watkins on 0418110679 or Ben McKee  on 0418313695 to reserve a place. There will only be a finite number of these licences available.

Come & Try and the Training are both on Saturday whilst the Competition RD 2 is on Sunday. This is also the First Round of the 2019 CDC.

Supp Regs AX Rd 2 2019

Competition Entry Form Rd 2 2019

Training Entry Form Rd 2 2019

If you paid for RD 1 that had to be postponed you can use the entry fee for this round. Contact Michele Bayley on 0437959928 (AH only) if you want to do this please.