BLCC Autocross Round 2 CDC 1




On Sunday the 18th, round 2 of The BLCC Autocross series was run and won. It was also round 1 of the CDC. With a field of 26 cars, which completed 4 laps and the use of the water truck once. For the outrights, 1st was Um oh you all know Ben McKee, 2nd Outright was Damian Faulkner, 3rd I dunno if will ever slow this old bloke down Keith McElroy. 1st RWD and 4Th outright was Richard Gay in the Gemini. Class A (Shopping Trolley Class) which is now the biggest class in our series’ was won by Sam Rozitis in the Mitsubishi Mirage by a narrow margin to Paul Gladman, once a wheel swap and tightening of nuts. 3rd in class was Reg Johnson in the Nova. Class B Holden vs. Ford, seen Marty Cassar in Sam’s TX3 take the win over the grunty very sideways SS Holden Ute. Class C, the Nissan Pulsar of Paul Deakin was able to hold out the red rocket of Andrew Bayley. Class D the battle of the Skylines. Seen Paul Shaw knock off the family wagon of Zac Pendleton. Class F (4wd Standard) Seen the battle of Um Damian Faulkner in his TX3 Laser. Class F (4wd Mod) the battle of the titans with Ben McKee taking the win over Keith McElroy. Class H, Historic Plated vehicles, maybe this could be renamed just the Historic’s as these two guys have been around for a while. Borrowing Josh’s Gemini Richard Gay was able to hold out Chris Hall in the Zed. Class I seen Rocket Rod Hall in the Laser take the win ahead of Tim Kelynack followed by Dylan Simonis and Henk Dekker. J2 was won by Sam Cassar in the TX3 Laser ahead of Damien Pendleton steering his Nissan Gazelle. J3 showing a clean pair of heals and won by Josh Gay in the Gemini. 2nd in class was Nathan Rozitis. I would like to thank the officials that made the event a huge success and done and dusted by 2:30pm. Wayne Holness (infield and water truck steerer) Rod Hall (time keeping) Michele Bayley (book in and infield) Chris Hall (scrutineering) Roy Parkinson (Steward) Melissa McKee and Bernie Gladman (Catering) Darren Wythe, Ben McKee, Jake and Drew Gladman (Timing) Reg Johnson (Start line). The competitors for filling in the gaps on the infield. A great event had by all and appreciated the early finish with the month of February being so packed with heaps on and around the club.

Thanks Again

Arron Harry Secombe.