Club Membership

The Ballarat Light Car Club has a fully licensed bar in its club rooms and this makes joining the club a little more involved than it the case for many other clubs. We welcome new members and if you are interested in joining up we would be very pleased if you could download the form from the bottom of this page and mail it to the club using the address on the form:

(PO Box 400, Ballarat, 3353).

The bottom section of the form will need to be filled in by two members of the club. If you already know some people in the club then that’s terrific but if you don’t you should bring the form along to one of our General Meetings. We meet on the last Friday of every month except December. When you arrive, introduce yourself to the person at the door, explain that you are a prospective member and that person will arrange for someone to look after you for the evening.

If you are unable to attend a meeting then send the form in anyway with a short note of explanation. We’ll deal with it at committee.

If you are a Junior (i.e. under the age of 18) then the process is a bit more tricky. As a result of the license we can only accept junior members who are the children of adult members. This means that you have to persuade one of your parents to join too. Its worth it of course – and you don’t even need your own car. We have a car which is specifically for the use of juniors. On the bright side is a new category of membership especially for parents who don’t want to get involved themselves. We call this Guardian membership and it attracts a much lower fee.

Day or Weekend memberships are available for $20.00. This is a once off membership. The $20.00 will be subtracted when a full membership is obtained. 

If you are unable to attend club meetings for whatever reason, please contact us by letter or e-mail and we will see how you can get involved.


Download the Ballarat Light Car Club membership application form